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Come and Join Us

Past Event

Let a Woman Truro

Our first event - Truro, Cornwall

Jean Hatchet - Ride for Murdered Women

Posie Parker - Free Speech Activist

Hannah Clarke - ManFriday

Past Event

Let a Woman Speak...Discussing the Gender Recognition Act

LAWS comes to Plymouth!

Stephanie Davies-Arai - Transgender Trend

Miranda Yardley - Iconoclastic transexual

Dr Nic Williams - Fair Play for Women

Abigail Rowland - Former teacher & poet


Halloween Costume

Past Event

RADFEM 101 in the City of London

LAWS expands beyond GDPR and explores facets of radical feminism.

Sheila Jeffreys - Intro to Rad Fem

Julie Bindel - Prostitution

Nina M (Freedom Programme) - Male Violence Against Women & Girls 

Dr Julia Long - Transgenderism

Heather Brunskel-Evans - Body Issues

Kate Graham - Pornography

& Special Guests!

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