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“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” 

Maya Angelou

Our Work



It all started with the Truro event, organised as a response to the U.K. government's consultation on propose changes to the Gender Recognition Act, a happy accident that left us with a desire to do more.


We believe face-to-face contact is important. So many of us have never met another gender critical woman saying the same things as we are thinking. Online is great (we do a lot of our work here after all) but it doesn’t beat the thrill of being in a room full of women all saying the same thing. 


The atmosphere was electric at at Truro event and the socialising and networking after the main event was just as important as hearing the speakers and the question and answer sessions.

Since Truro, we have held successful (albeit controversial!), sell-out events in Plymouth and the City of London.


Come along to one of our events and witness it for yourself. It just feels right. 



Part of the problem with the government’s proposed changes, and the associated consultation, is that not that many people know about it! It’s too late to lock the gate when the horse has bolted. That’s why we felt it was important to reach as many women (and our male allies) as we could, as quickly as we were able.

Though the government has said they are not changing the GRA, or messing with sex-exemptions under the Equalities Act, they are currently asking for evidence in response to their proposals. Our work is not done. 


Every single thing YOU say about this matters. Every tweet, every share of gender critical posts on Facebook, every comment on Mumsnet. Every casual comment of a news article to someone at work, to a friend, to a family member. Every letter written to an MP, every signature on a petition, every donation.


It all matters. Never, for one moment, think your contribution doesn’t matter. It does. We can all do something.


Let a Woman Speak is active on social media, and now we have our own website where we will be providing regular email updates to our subscribers as well as writing blog posts and hosting articles from any woman who wants to speak on this issue. 


We want to do more. We want to aim higher. Let a Woman Speak was founded in the notion of women being silenced, and we refused for that to happen. We believe freedom of speech is important. We are currently undertaking work examining the silencing of women throughout history and at present. If you have any ideas on this topic do get in touch. 


Watch this space for more information as we progress. 

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