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Let A Woman Speak statement 26 August 2018


Let A Woman Speak is a grassroots women's organisation committed to protecting the rights and safety of girls and women. These rights are under threat by proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act which might enable people to legally identify as the opposite sex without any medical or psychological assessments or treatment. This could mean:


  • Women and children fleeing male violence could be expected to share accommodation in women's refuges with men with penises who 'identify as women'.


  • Women's toilets and changing rooms being open to men with penises who 'identify as women'.


  • Girl Guides (including Rainbows and Brownies) being expected to share sleeping, toileting and washing facilities with boys who 'identify as girls' (without their parents' knowledge).


  • Men with penises who 'identify as women' being placed into hospital wards and prisons with vulnerable women.


On Saturday 25 August 2018 LAWS held an event in Plymouth at the Ker Street Social Club, which occupies the architecturally significant and Grade 1 listed Egyptian House, in Devonport. Situated in an area of historic deprivation and recent regeneration, the social club acts as a community hub and is important to the local community.


Due to previous attacks on meetings held to discuss women's concerns regarding the GRA, including a bomb threat, harassment of venues and physical assault, the meeting location was kept secret until late the previous night.


On the morning of 25 August, LAWS were informed that the building had been attacked with obscene graffiti, including spray-painted 'TERFS FUCK OFF' and the symbol for trans anarchist activists on the front and side of this prominent building. The police attended and the venue supported the event going ahead.


We would like to make it clear that LAWS is not an anti-trans hate group, in fact we had a transsexual speaker and a trans presence in the audience. Our aim is to preserve women's and girls' rights to single sex spaces and provisions, where they are necessary, to safeguard women and girls and to promote privacy and dignity. Our events are open to anyone willing to listen and engage respectfully.


We condemn the shameful and obscene graffiti on Ker Street Social Club and will support the venue and the police to bring the cowardly perpetrators to justice.


For more information on these issues:

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